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Airway Clearance Units, Insufflation/Exsufflation

Definition : Airway clearance units designed to apply low-frequency cycles of a gradually increasing positive pressure (e.g., 20 to 30 cm H20) to the airways followed by a rapid change to a negative pressure (typically negative 30 to negative 40 cm H20), exhausting the lungs and reproducing in the bronchial tree the effects of a vigorous cough. These devices typically consist of a portable electric unit that provides the positive and negative pressures and that includes automated and/or manual controls and timers to perform the inspiratory and expiratory cycles; and a patient breathing circuit that includes a bacterial filter, breathing tubes; and a patient interface (e.g., a mask, mouthpiece, tracheostomy tube adapter). Insufflation/exsufflation units are intended to palliate respiratory deficiency in patients with debilitated respiratory muscles and/or other disorders that affect the respiratory function, such as spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, amyotropic lateral sclerosis, and poliomyelitis.

Entry Terms : "Insufflator/Exsufflators" , "Bronchial Insufflator/Exsufflators" , "Pulmonary Insufflator/Exsufflators" , "Exsufflators, Pulmonary" , "Cofflators" , "Insufflators, Pulmonary"

UMDC code : 20459

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