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The Benefits of a Multi-wavelength PatternScanLaser
The impetus behind adopting new technology is not merely to have the latest and greatest equipment. It is more about being able to practice medicine at the most advanced level and improving the patient’s experience whenever possible. This article applies that logic to the assessment of the benefits delivered by the Multi-wavelength PatternScanLaser.
Add Glaucoma to Your Practice
Building successful glaucoma care in your practice can greatly increase revenue. With the ever-expanding population of senior citizens, who are at the highest risk for glaucoma, now is a better time than ever to begin fine- tuning your education, equipment, and knowledge of all things glaucoma. Read on to learn what specific steps to take to successfully implement glaucoma treatment and diagnosis in your practice.
A Glimpse at New and Emerging Treatments for DME
The quest to preserve vision in diabetic eye disease is focusing on anti-VEGF drugs, implants and topical drops. DME management in the past few years has changed dramatically, though. At present anti-VEGF and steroids are the most commonly used treatment modalities along with variable combinations, and some of the most promising treatments are still emerging. This paper looks at these emerging drug-delivery technologies and new drugs, which promise to deliver improved results.
577 nm Wavelength System Delivers Safety
While the original diode lasers had revolutionary capabilities when they debuted, the systems were somewhat problematic for patient comfort. The high wavelengths caused pain when near-infrared light would pass through blood and was absorbed by the RPE. This article discusses The Pascal Streamline 577 from Topcon Medical, a solid-state, yellow- wavelength system that gives surgeons full control over laser parameters.
Hair Removal for Tanned Patients and Various Skin Types
For the Treatment of Tanned Patients, Skin Type I - IV-Two prospective, controlled studies were conducted to determine the safety and efficacy of the Cutera CoolGlide aesthetic laser for the removal of unwanted hair in tanned patients of skin type I - IV with brown or black hair.