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Implant Delivery Units, Polymer Pin, Ultrasonic

Definition : Equipment designed for implanting and welding polymer implants to bone structures using ultrasound. This equipment typically consists of a central unit with an electric generator, including time and temperature controls with attached handpieces. These handpieces provide ultrasonic vibration while driving a dedicated thermoplastic (usually biodegradable) pin into a pre-drilled hole in the bone. The pin melts during the implantation procedure, adapting to the hole cavity and then welds the bone and/or other implanted structures (e.g., plates) when returned to a solid state a few seconds after implantation. Ultrasonic polymer pin delivery instruments are intended for use in orthopedic procedures performed on bones that do not bear heavy loads; they are mainly used in the reconstruction (e.g., after fracture) of the cranium, mandibular, and facial skeletal structures.

Entry Terms : "Implant Delivery Units" , "Implant Delivery Units, Ultrasonic, Polymer Pin" , "Polymer Pin Implant Ultrasound Delivery Units" , "Skeletal Polymer Implant Insertion Systems"

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